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Zurb Plugin Working Example

You’ve read the Zurb 6 plugin introduction. You’ve read the documentation. You want to develop your own plugin, but you still have questions or want to see a working plugin example. This article demonstrates a working Zurb blink tag plugin. Remember these from the old Netscape days? It’s nothing elaborate, but hopefully it will help get you started. You can jump right to the working example or follow along below.

Zurb Foundation 6 Compatibility and Accessibility

Accessibility and compatibility are difficult to write about. Neither are a day in, day out concern for the average developer. Most of the time we do not worry about either until the very end of a project or worse, after a release to production.

Zurb 5 Sticky Topbar Performance

While profiling our Zurb 5 implementation, we noticed a slight bottle neck using the “sticky” topbar component. The user would sometimes experience a “stutter” or “glitch” while scrolling. And users with lower end devices would experience the issue more often.

Zurb 5 IE Dropdown Jump Prevention

Internet Explorer likes to “jump” the user into position when jQuery’s .focus() is called within a Zurb 5 dropdown. I don’t like this. Notice in the video below that when the dropdown is positioned at the bottom of the screen, and the user selects a dropdown, their positioning “jumps” up. And then the dropdown disappears (this is a separate unrelated scroll handler issue).

5 Tips to Lose Weight for Programmers

You have heard the usual computer programmer stereotype: we are all overweight. True, we sit at a computer at least eight hours a day. Some of us, like myself, additionally have an hour commute (each way). More sitting. The following five tips helped me to lose close to 30 lbs (I’ll share other techniques in future posts). Did it happen over night? No. But taking these small steps helped me to get started. After about a week, I started to feel better mentally and physically. And I was able to focus more on work as a software developer. I no longer yawn during those late afternoon meetings and I have more energy to battle scope creep.

Zurb Foundation 6 Pricing Table

Zurb’s Foundation for Sites 6 no longer includes a Pricing table component. No problem. Let’s put a Pricing table in the Zurb 6 pipeline. They are great for marketing landing pages, product signups, and subscription or product comparisons. Unfortunately, I saw a few people on the interwebs indicate Zurb 6’s lack of Pricing tables a show stopper; preventing their move from Zurb 5 to Zurb 6. At the end of the day, regardless of version, Zurb Foundation is still CSS, HTML, and Javascript. And both Zurb 5 and Zurb 6 utilize Sass; although some Scss variables have either changed, were made obsolete, or flat-out no longer make sense. After utilizing the code and instructions below, you will end up with a Zurb 6 responsive Pricing table.

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