John Sonmez Simple Programmer Blog Email Course

Want to improve your writing skills? How about some professional soft skills development? One place to start is the Simple Programmer by creator John Sonmez. At first glance, his YouTube thumbnails might look a little cheesy. But let me assure you that he and his content are not. He’s a character for sure. And he delivers good content with personality.

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His free email course helps to get you moving, motivated, and doing by jump starting your professional software developer career with a blog. He takes you step by step and provides seemingly simple action items (register a domain name, think of a topic, write something, etc). John even asks you to send him a progress email (or two) along the way - and he actually replies. I am pretty sure it’s not a robot.

Sure you might think that you know how to blog. I am sure you do. There are lots of tools and options out there. But are you actually blogging? Are you producing something of value? Nothing is more disappointing than visiting a person’s blog that has not been updated in over three, six, or twelve months. I’ve been guilty too. But John provides insight and methods for you to think, organize topic ideas, and avoid procrastinating. Ultimately it’s up to you and things that you can control.

I even purchased his book Soft Skills: The software developer’s life manual and cannot wait to read the productivity, financial, personal fitness chapters.

Are you going to make a million dollars over night or even at all? Of course not. And John is not promising it. Are you going to be successful? Maybe. Maybe not. However, there are some things that you can learn from other successful people like John. What’s the final nail in the coffin to sign up for his email course? John is a software developer. He’s been in the trenches. Just like you and me.