Web, Javascript, CSS, and App Performance

Zurb 5 Sticky Topbar Performance

While profiling our Zurb 5 implementation, we noticed a slight bottle neck using the “sticky” topbar component. The user would sometimes experience a “stutter” or “glitch” while scrolling. And users with lower end devices would experience the issue more often.

Web Page Performance Death by a Thousand Tiny Cuts

Web page performance is literally a death by a thousand tiny little cuts. Usually, the biggest issue for most is the number of requests a page makes. Keep the requests down and your web page performance increases. No magic just common sense. The mobile world we currently live in makes issuing fewer requests that much more important. While it’s true that mobile and tablet devices are getting more powerful each day, they are still no match for the desktop. Moreover, desktops are connected to broadband. Mobile devices are mostly utilizing 3G and 4G.