Professional Developer Soft Skills

How to Not Suck as a Software Developer

The following are not enforceable developer rules. I did not climb a mountain and receive the following laws from a higher power. And they are not industry shattering new ideas or techniques. Rather they are common sense guidelines we are all guilty of breaking once or twice (hopefully not too much more) throughout our professional careers. They were born from informal peer discussions on how we can each improve individually (and as a part of a team). And most importantly - not suck.

The Smartest Guy in the Room is Not the Best Developer

I started my programming career 20 years old ago. Sometimes I still cannot believe that it’s been that long. Come August 2016 it will be exactly 20 years since I accepted a Software Test Engineer job after finishing my undergraduate degree. I completed my degree in August rather than June because I needed to finish a difficult Discrete Math course at Rutgers University while delivering NAPA auto parts part-time. I drove those little trucks with the baseball hat on top while secretly peeking over the shoulders of the store counter employees using a terminal based inventory management system. I couldn’t help being drawn to a computer screen. Any screen. Even ugly green and black ones.

John Sonmez Simple Programmer Blog Email Course

Want to improve your writing skills? How about some professional soft skills development? One place to start is the Simple Programmer by creator John Sonmez. At first glance, his YouTube thumbnails might look a little cheesy. But let me assure you that he and his content are not. He’s a character for sure. And he delivers good content with personality.