Ubuntu Related

Engage: Arduino Sketch Debugging for Dad (and the Kids)

I did it. I took the plunge. I finally purchased an Arduino. What took me so long to rekindle my childhood curiosity and tinker (um, break things)? I don’t know. Although recently I have been reading Charles Petzold’s Code book and it definitely helps provide a jump start. Many a time throughout the book I would pause and remember things - working with assembly, the Intel 8080 and 8088, the Motorola 6800, and little-endian vs. big-endian. The good old days. I was there. Closer to the metal.

Produce: Turn a Hisense Chromebook into a Dual Ubuntu/Chrome OS Laptop

Chromebooks are small affordable laptops. They are great for consuming information, audio, and video. Elementary, middle, and high schools like their low maintenance, long life, low price, and ease-of-use. Users can utilize Google Docs to produce limited information and content, however it’s not enough for “power users” who need the ability to develop software, edit images and video, or to utilize the computer to produce something more than a simple spreadsheet, document, or presentation. Is there an ultra-portable and affordable laptop out there for the producers of the world?

Ubuntu Broadcom Wireless Driver Offline Install

You installed Ubuntu and the only access to the interweb is via Wifi (no ethernet cat 5 connection in sight for miles). However, your system is not recognizing your Broadcom wireless card. Your are in trouble.