Windows 10 Universal Font Icons

Finding Windows 10 Universal font icons and viewing them visually can be difficult to locate. This page provides a list of fonts (and their symbols) and guidelines for using the Segoe MDL2 icons for Windows 10 Store Apps.

alt text

A Styles/FontSizes.xaml entry might look something like -

    <x:String x:Key="DefaultFontFamily">Segoe WP</x:String>

C# example code I am using with a Navigation Pane -

Nodes = new ObservableCollection<NavigationNode>();
var resourceLoader = new ResourceLoader();
Nodes.Add(new ItemNavigationNode { 
Title = @"My Cool App",
	Label = "Home",
	FontIcon = "\ue10f",
	IsSelected = true,
	NavigationInfo = NavigationInfo.FromPage("HomePage")

If you work mostly offline (like I do), you can always pull up Windows Character map and select Segoe MDL2 Assets -

character map

See that U+E001 value? That translates to - FontIcon = "\ue001"